Emotional instrumental music free download

emotional instrumental music free download

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  • Sadness and melancholy piano orchestral track with cinematic mood. Good for dramatic movies, atmospheric slideshow, heartful moments. A deep and dramatic electronic royalty-free downloqd with a dark atmosphere and melancholic mood. Featured instruments are piano, analog pads, light plucked synth, electronic bass, and catchy drums. Perfect for futuristic videos, technology projects, dramatic moments, nature views, videos from drones, and many more.

    An emotional, minimal cinematic downloar piano track accompanied by light flautando strings and synths. Conveys an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and contemplation. Very good sad music instrumental for a sad scenes in videos, movies and theaters. Classical orchestral piano instrumental with sad and tense mood featuring vioins, viola, cello, piano. Good for slideshow, timelapses, motivational projects, short films, nature journey etc.

    A dark, dramatic instrumental track music features vintage detective television series sounds. It is perfect for creating a mood of mystery or suspense. This track contains old-fashioned reel-to-reel tapes, classic synths, strings, drums, pipe organs, and violins. Emotional and emotive tune with sad and hopeful melody. Suitable for the beautiful romantic scene, sensitive love story, heartfelt drama, emotional journey and fre.

    Featured instruments: piano, cello, viola, violins. This piece of sad music with a deep sorrowful atmosphere and soft touch, could bring to the surface those feelings of grief we carry with us every day. Can be used as background music for funeralsmournful videos, grievous events, memorable free, sad stories, catastrophic videos, prayerful videos, or so.

    Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings. Deep, sensitive and sad download is a perfect background for a sad scenes and videos. This ominous electronic tune features a minimalistic arrangement with various percussion, synths, and an electric guitar.

    Islamic Background Emotional Royalty-Free Music & Sounds - Storyblocks

    The lead instrument is a wah-wah synth that creates a feeling of power through its prominent dkwnload throughout the piece. The melody is slow-moving and ominous, creating a sense of being trapped. This background music could be used as a soundtrack to thriller drama, action sequences, and intense moments in films and television shows.

    Enigmatic, dreamy, tense modern orchestral score with a dark harp sound as lead instrument. A secret garden is revealed, but is it a beautiful, warm one or a cold, sad one? This mellow ambient track features soft piano, gentle atmospheric synths, and an emotional atmosphere. This calm track would suit nostalgic and emotional videos, sad cinematic stories, serious videos, memorial videos, trailers, nature videos, slideshows, sentimental timelapse, and other projects requiring sad piano background music.

    A creepy and sad music box theme. It features a very subtle, ghostly background accompaniment. Nostalgic and emotional ambient piano music, with spatial textures and onstrumental pads.

    emotional instrumental music free download

    Perfect as background music for slow-motions, nature documentaries, romantic clips, aerial footage, memorial videos, etc. Tranquil cinematic Piano background music calm restrained for reflective settings. Comforting sad and moving. This sad and emotional royalty free music track donwload perfect for drama movies, cinematic films, trailers, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film.

    A great little sad music returns the listener in times cowboys and westerns. Unobtrusive melody guitar solos with the insttumental guitar and gradually increasing the bass guitar and drums. Explore the infinite multiverse of love and music with this powerful sci-fi epic cinematic trailer.

    Deep Emotional Piano Hip Hop Instrumental Beat (Download)

    Perfect for openers, romantic love, travel, adventure, nature videos, presentations, videohive projects. I used staccato strings, orchestra, cinematic percussion, piano melody, brass and sound effects. A sad, reflective song suitable for emotional and somber moments. The melody sounds a bit like Terminator Main Theme. A dramatic and sad cinematic track full of emotions. It features piano, strings, cello, violin, synths, and percussion.

    This track will suit very well in films, video games, documentaries, dystopian, trailers, and other projects that want a sad emotion. A beautiful sad instrumental, almost funeral like cinematic and classical violins piece.

    emotional instrumental music free download

    Perfect as sad music for productions, lonely scenes in videos. Illusions is chill hip-hop music track with a trap leads, dubstep bass, hip-hop beat. Perfect for openers, romantic, love, art, technology,sport, fitness, energetic, hip-hop, rap, fashion, stylish, lifestyle, beauty vlogs, designs and video projects! Beautiful sad to music piano orchestral classical track with the inspirational, yet emotional mood.

    Ideal for cinematic projects, motivational speech, nature timelapse musicatmospheric videos, emotional slideshow. Free piano, viola, violins, strings staccato, sub. It's an orchestral string piece with unbearable sadness and a mood which is difficult to put into words. There is an authentic, genuine sorrow that seems instrumental be reflected in this piece.

    This sad music was composed having in mind a post-war scenario, in which sad people walk down the streets of destroyed buildings and ruins. The music download quite sad, with a midsection in which a Hammond organ and a drum appear.

    New music added daily

    Obviously, it can be also used for other purposes! This one is a gentle cinematic track with warm piano leading. Nice background for weddings, love stories, nostalgic moments, sentimental videos, inspiring dowload, prayerful videos, nature views, melodramas, romantic travel, and many more. Sad and emotional piano track with melancholic and nostalgic mood. Great for film, slideshow, heartfelt drama, reflective moments, wedding videos.

    Instruments are piano and orchestral strings. A sad, contemplative string piece with an almost dark and bleak mood. Sunsets By Alex Stoner.

    Sad Music Background Royalty Free Download MP3

    Background Ambient Atmosphere Cinematic. Captive By Paul Keane. Ambient Atmosphere Hope Piano. Springs By Alex Stoner. Dramatic Cinematic Inspirational Motivational. Wings of Faith By Chord of Destiny. Achievement Advertising Award Cinematic. The Ceremony By Max Tune. Sad nostalgic and patriotic background music played by orchestra. Emotional and epic film soundtrack instrumental.

    The Quiet Morning is all about that morning hour where you have no distractions.

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    Previous 1 current 2 3 Next. Please Don't Cry. Tears Wont Stop. Cold Isolation. Goodbye, My Friend. Sad Winds Chapter 2. Sad Winds Chapter 1.

    Royalty Free Emotional Music - TunePocket

    The Pain That Never Left. Haunted Memories. I Remember You. Upon Reflection By Steve Oxen. Stasis By Steve Oxen.

    The Best of Background Music For Content Creators and Filmmakers. Here you can find emotional music and free download emotional background music for your creative projects. Free Download kbps MP3 from AShamaluevMusic. Royalty-Free Music and Sound Effects. Close. "islamic background emotional". ( results found) People also searched for. islamic islam islamic instrumental music islamic music islamic background sufi islamic music islamic background music islamic vocals only arabic islamic soft music. Sort By. Aug 03,  · Royalty Free Sad Background Music Downloads. Sad music can typically be described as something slow, soft, somber, or music that makes you cry. We typically associate sad music with emotional film scenes, such as a death or major tragedy. Sad music downloads .

    Painful Memories By Steve Oxen.

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      Imagine yourself walking in the rain with your lover or simply enjoying the fresh feeling of the rain on your face. Let this music guide you through that moment. Features low pads interspersed with steady beats to evoke the idea of rain steadily falling and thumping sounds here and there to make it more real.

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      Integrate our extensive library directly in your product. Utilize unlimited asset downloads in all your business projects.

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      Check out our curated library of unique high-quality audio tracks. Our professional musicians select only the best works that will brighten up any media project. To try and fit the sound, you can download a free watermarked preview.

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      Sad music can typically be described as something slow, soft, somber, or music that makes you cry. We typically associate sad music with emotional film scenes, such as a death or major tragedy. Sad music downloads listed below.

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      Emotional music helps to create a lasting connection with your video audience. In this playlist you will find our best background instrumental emotional music for videos, presentations, slideshow, poetry, podcasts, and other media projects. Download unlimited royalty free emotional music for video with all-in-one commercial use license.

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