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vintage wallpaper designs free download

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  • William Morris — was a very desibns Victorian British gentleman. He was a gifted textile designer, poet, novelist, translator and socialist activist. These days we admire him for his interior design. But when he was alive, he was more famous as an author and poet. Morris was closely associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement. He was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production.

    The Arts and Crafts movement was a reaction to the industrial revolution at the dree. William Morris wanted people to have beautiful things in their wallpapwr to improve their quality of life. However, ironically most of his products were unaffordable to the everyman. This was mainly due to their laborious craftsmanship. Morris liked to use traditional methods and natural dyes with his designs. Many of his textile patterns and wallpapers incorporate plants, fruits flowers, and leaves.

    Very much like the art nouveau prints of Maurice Verneuil.

    Wallpaper Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

    William Morris produced a wide range of designs for interiors and home furnishings. Desogns included over patterns for wallpaper, textiles, embroideries and over stained glass windows. He also created three typefaces and about borders and ornamentation for his private Kelmscott Printing Press.

    Vintage Wallpaper Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

    Just like the grammar of ornament designs of Owen Jones. To download the William Morris pattern that you want, click on the title above that image. A higher resolution image will open in a new window in your browser. Right-click on the image with your mouse, the menu option to save the free to your device will appear. This wallpaper is still available to buy today.

    A repeating pattern of plants, with red and yellow flowers, with a ground suggestive of grass. Morris designed this wallpaper for the walls of the drawing-room of his family home, Kelmscott House, London, I love the vibrant blues of this particular colorway of the pattern. Original William Morris design for the wallpaper pattern called wreath This print would look fabulous framed.

    Another beautiful flower print from William Morris that would look lovely framed. This design is called Trent from A delicately complex two-color leaf and marigold floral design with its undulating vertical stripe effect wallpaper true Morris. Vintage originally from but still available to buy today as wallpaper and fabric in several different colorways. With Strawberry Thief, Morris perfected the indigo-discharge process, which required the entire cloth to be dyed blue before it was bleached and block printed, in wallpaper case with more colors than any of his other textiles.

    When Morris designed Snakeshead designsIndian silks were in style and widely imported from British India. This design stands out for its diminutive motifs and the strong red and black colors, which were fashionable only for a short time before paler hues regained favor with clients. The design was inspired by historic textiles, especially fifteenth-century velvets that often featured a strong diagonal or meandering branch from which various flowers emanated.

    The title of the design refers to the river on which the Merton Abbey textile mill was situated. The river was a crucial source of power and clean water for textile processing. Originally designed inthis is still a popular wallpaper design today. These two retro style images remind me a lot of linoleum block prints. These would be great for Thanksgiving projects as designs This image is from an old drawing book and features the head of a cat.

    Only his long whiskers and white eyes can be seen against the all black silhouette. This one is from an old type book and has the silhouette of a black cat with big white eyes on a ledge with an arched back. An orange moon is behind the cat. I really like the unique looking border around this one. This one is a vintage silhouette of a smiling cat with a big orange bow and glowing orange eyes. The yellow moon is really set off by the bluish grey postcard background.

    This vintage download by Ellen Clapsaddle shows a happy young costumed witch with a white dressred cape and red hat, holding her black catwith a pumpkin tucked under her arms. This lovely witch came from an old postcard. She is sitting on an oversized pumpkin and squeezing her black cat. She is smiling and dressed in an all red dress, cape, and shoes.

    Her black pointy hat is adorned with a flowing red ribbon. This vintage newspaper image of a young witch holding a broom with her meowing black cat at her feet. She wears a pointy hat and her hair is long and flowing. A very pretty image! The black and white image shows a smiling young witch with a pointy hat riding a broom in the moonlight. These ladies are not witches, but victorian ladies dressed in bat costumes!

    Both ladies are wearing capeslarge ears on their heads, and unique skirts. These are really unique images for Halloween. This full color image is of a young witch girl holding her black cat and broom. She is wearing a red dress free a green capeand her pointed black hat is adorned with red ribbons. This image came from an antique Halloween postcardbut you can download the original postcard, just the girl, or just her hat for your projects.

    These old black and white architectural drawings of Victorian homes, remind me of foreboding haunted houses. These Victorian mansions could easily be modified and combined with other images to make them super spooky. This black and white image came from an old download catalog and could easily be incorporated in to some spooky scenes. The ornate iron gate could be adorned with some crow silhouettes or some spooky clouds and a moon.

    This black line drawing of an old pear tree has lost all of its leaves. I love the crooked lines of the many branches. This one is perfect for your spooky scenes and designs that require a spooky barren tree. This quarter moon image is bright yellow and was taken from an old Halloween postcard. A great one for your Halloween projects! This image has been one of your favorites since it was posted a few years ago. This full moon has a face that is peering off to the side.

    He is a light yellow with a friendly faceand was originally from a trade card. This full sized printable can be used as vintage great piece of instant art. His wings are semi-extended and you can also see the detailed webbing between his back legs. This realistic dark brown and black bat looks like he is swooping at night to catch bugs.

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    This post has both the original natural history image, complete with vintage and castle ruins in the background, as well as an edited image of just the bat gliding through the air. This antique dictionary image is of what looks to be a hanging fruit bat. He has large eyes and is hanging on tightly designs a branch with semi-closed wings. This post has two old red and white rectangular poison labelsone in English and one in Spanish.

    Both feature a skull and crossboneswarning everyone to steer clear of the bottles these were on. This vintage pharmacy label is for arsenic. The old poison label includes a skull and crossbones and details of the original druggist as well as an antidote for poisoning. I found three different undertaker and burial graphics in two different books. All three feature a horse and carriage pulling a wagon with coffins. Two of the ads include the name and address of the undertaker.

    This vintage advertising scrap features a closeup of an owl head staring directly forward. This one is of a skull from the side. This skull has no medical labels on it, and is a great classic side view image of a skull. This great post has two full size black and white anatomical printablesone of a frontal view of a skull and the other of legs bones with a few different views.

    Download size and detail of these images makes them perfect for larger scale projects that require images of bones. A wonderful full sizeddetailed black an white scan of a skeletal hand. The wallpaper appendages have been labeled with their medical names. There are two graphics in this post, the human brain is shown from a top view and from the side and both are labeled with their free names.

    Who was William Morris

    I love these black and white images for instant art or for making creepy labels. A great full color antique scrap image of blue eyes with spectacles. This would work well as a mask for wallpsper creepy costume! This fantastically detailed snake skeleton is a black and white etching. This snake would be great for Gothic style projects. This etching is a closeup view of an eagle feee and talons. The scales and curved nails make it super-spooky.

    75+ Best Free Vintage Halloween Images! - The Graphics Fairy

    This antique vintags image compares the bones of a complete human skeleton with those of an ape. This one is a vintage anatomy skull image, scanned from an old anatomy book. The old engraving and has incredible detail, with all the original numbers in place, I think it adds an authentic touch to it! This is a free public domain image of a watching eye! This black and white image shows an eye with eyebrow and rays radiating from it. The black and white etching shows a cross section of the heart with its cavities and major veins and arteries labeled.

    The pulmonary artery and aorta are colored in blue and redand there are some red arrows to show the path of blood vintage the heart. This is an early Halloween image of a skull and crossbones. The piece shows a vintagd head facing right with different regions mapped out and labeled with different characteristics. This old card image shows a pretty young witch woman in a red designs and blue hat. She has lovely curly dark hairand an inquisitive owl is perched on her shoulder with a sliver of wallpaper in the background.

    This cute vintage postcard shows a little pumpkin head girlwearing a leaf outfit and a black witch hat. She is brewing something in her black freewhich a black cat watching from a tree branch above. This cute full-color drawn image comes from an old Halloween card. This vintage Halloween postcard shows an adorable little pumpkin head boy with his pet owl cuddling on a branch in the download. The clouds in the sky are dark and ominous, but the boy and desigsn seem to be buddies.

    The postcard has some additional words for a Halloween greeting on the front as well.

    Download and use 4,+ stars stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels. Aesthetic Stickers Download Free Clipart With A Transparent - Stikers Aestetic Png. * Size KB. Pink Flower Wallpaper Aesthetic, Png Download - Beyonce Lockscreen Aesthetic. * Size:1, KB. Vintage Aesthetic Pngs Phone. * Size:1, KB. Since , Graham & Brown has been designing and manufacturing wallpaper for your home. Shop for exclusive wallpaper designs and the latest wall coverings now. Graham & Brown.

    She is brewing up something in her cauldron and holds a spoon for taste testing. A black cat and some bright red apples are at her feet. This super cool advertising card from a root beer company shows a left hand, palm up. The various letters on it denote special lines or areas of the palm to analyze. This piece of full color ephemera would make a perfect image in Halloween collages!

    This is an interesting old free vintage gravestone clip art image. The engraving was scanned from an marble company catalog. The blank headstone perfect for adding your text! This one is an adorable smiling pumpkin with an owl perched on top. The antique scrap is done in shades of orange and yellow. This black and white spider web image shows a primitive looking web built in between two branches. The very circular web would be great to use on labels, tags, cards or menus — just about any Halloween project you can think of.

    This spooky old label was for some type of medicine.

    vintage wallpaper designs free download

    The ad is black and orange with a creepy side view of a skull. I thought this one would be great to print out and use as a label for an old bottle in a Halloween display. It shows a lady dressed in a cat costume with a cat head hat and a furry cape and dress. She reminds me so much of a wallpapre. The word Halloween is written vertically on the right side.

    This cute retro Halloween image features two ladies in costumes. This black and white retro image would be great to use as a Halloween party invite! This fun retro graphic is in black and whiteas well as a black and white version with just the pumpkin in orange.

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